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🦄 A little bit of positivity for everyone :D


Photography can be one of the most important parts of buyfagging, because there's nothing better than bragging about that limited bouncy ball that nobody else owns. Some people like to post review shit, others just like to show off new shit they got and some people are just bored losers looking for attention on the internet. Photography is a very subjective subject, no matter how much effort you put in and how good you think it is, there is going to be someone who calls it shit. The following guides should help limit the amount of people who call it shit, but you will still need to put in effort.

Read /p/'s guide first, especially the what camera section as it is the only resource on this page that contains information on buying a camera. This guide will not contain any information on buying a camera because it is very dependent on the purchaser and what they will be using it for. Do your own research and ask on /p/ if necessary.

An anon has collected some buyfag's pictures into a dropbox. DEAD

When posting pictures on the buyfag thread, please follow the following:

  • Please post images that are JPG format, smaller than 1 MB, and/or about 1000 pixels on the longest side. This rule is good enough for /p/, therefore it's good enough for you.
  • Boards outside of /p/ strip the exif data from images, possibly resulting in improper orientation. Before posting from your phone, edit and resave all images using an app such as Photo & Picture Resizer (Android) to correct it .
  • Keep unboxing pictures to around 3-4 posts. Nobody wants to see endless pictures of the packaging and only one picture of the actual figure itself. Focus your pictures on your purchase, not how it arrived.
  • Take your pictures beforehand, in order to avoid taking 5+ minutes between posts.
  • Keep your body parts out of the picture, nobody wants to see your disgusting fingers/etc.


The following have been posted in the buyfag threads or gathered by an anon and are on a variety of topics.